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Flourishing Ideas

It is sad to know that despite the joy flowers bring to everyone, flowers have a short life span. However, there are things that we need to observe and consider in preserving and maintaining its freshest state and extending its lifespan. We can learn a lot of flower care tips from our local florists, by reading books about flowers or just by simply browsing or researching the flower care tips on the internet. There is so much to learn on how we will take care of the blooms and among these flower care tips are as follows:

Here's our guide and tips for flowers:


Clean the flower vase thoroughly

Cleaning the flower vase is a crucial step in making sure that your flowers will stay healthy. It may sound like a simple task, but it actually comprises numerous steps. Firstly check if the vase is free from any dust and dirt by wiping it thoroughly. You also need to ensure that the vase is dry enough before you put the flowers. Before cleaning the vase, prepare all the things that you need. A clean wet rag, clean water and clean dry rag for drying up the vase.

Change water regularly

Changing the water in the flower vase regularly should be done to ensure that your flowers will grow properly. Make sure that you replace it with clean water. Check the cleanliness of the water in your flower vase 2 to 3 times a day so you can be assured that the water won’t hinder the growth of your flowers. Dirty water can produce germs and viruses in your flowers that may damage its roots and stems. Unclean water can also hinder the growth of your fresh blooms.

Cut the stems

Use a sharp knife to cut the stems of your flowers in 1 to 2 inches. It is an important step to facilitate good absorption of water into the roots of your flowers. Make sure that you check the stems of your flowers every day. If it would be your first time to cut the stems of your flowers, ask help from someone who knows how to do it properly.

Avoid direct sunlight

Too much sun exposure can harm your flowers. Make sure to place your flowers in an area where there’s no direct sunlight. Moderate room temperature is ideal for your flowers. You can place your flowers inside the house where they can still get fresh air. You can also put your flowers outside the house as long as there’s enough shade from rays of sunlight. It is crucial to maintain a certain balance between avoiding direct sunlight and letting your flowers breathe fresh air. None of these two precautions must be compromised.

Avoid harmful chemicals

Flowers do not grow in areas where there are harmful chemicals. Stay away from areas where there are fumes, radiations, and cigarette smoke, among others. Choose an area where there are no poisonous materials around. Your flowers can grow faster if they are placed alongside plants and other lovely flowers.

Stay Away from Ripe Fruits

If you don’t know yet, a ripe fruit emits an invisible fuel and fragrant called ethylene. This gas is dangerous to flowers and plants but cannot harm humans. The idea behind this fact is that flowers are the heralds of fruits in the world of plants. As soon as a flower pollinates, it turns into a fruit, produces seeds and becomes a plant. Ethylene is considered as the gaseous material in a fruit which is responsible for why petals fall. Having said that, you must be mindful where you’ll place your flowers. Make sure that there are no ripe fruits in the area to ensure that your flowers will bloom beautifully.